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Mum’s are the best!

With Mother’s day just around the corner, I wanted to dedicate an EverEscents blog to my wonderful Mum, Kaye!

A Mothers role never really ends; it just changes as your kids grow up.  As a 38 year old I am still constantly learning things from my amazing Mum.  She has been my source of information and inspiration for many years and has certainly had a large influence on the direction that my life has taken.

My Mum was a very alternative Mother, who was way ahead of her time 30 years ago!  What we take for granted as pretty normal these days, Mum was getting called “crazy” for (healthy eating, naturopathy, homeopathy, living chemical free etc).  As I became an adult, my upbringing resonated with me and it was perfect timing that my new husband, Luke, and I were looking for a business to purchase in our home of Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast.  I was introduced to the founder of EverEscents Organic Hair Care, Leone Martin through a friend.  I loved the brand she had created and the ethos behind it.  EverEscents ticked all the boxes for me as a business and I knew it was something I would be passionate about.  We took over the reins in January 2007 and haven’t looked back!

We started our own family in 2009 and have our second bub due this year.  Since having children, it certainly changes the way you see your own Mum and generates a whole new level of respect and honour to them.  Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs anyone can do and setting up your children with the best start to life can definitely be a challenge.
I would like to personally thank my Mum (& Dad of course!!) for giving me an amazing start to life and for continuing to support Luke and I in running EverEscents.  They are now amazing grandparents, and so the Circle of Life continues. :)  So thank you Mum, love you loads!!

For Mother’s day, here at EverEscents we have a beautiful gift pack (designed by our very talented graphic designer, Craig) which contains an Organic Shampoo & Organic Conditioner of your choice and has a FREE Organic Deep Treatment so is a great value way to say thanks to your Mum and tell her you love her!  Check them out at your local salon stockist here or grab one online here Shop

Written by Julia Charters, General Manager, EverEscents Organic Hair Care, April 2015.

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