Meet The Team

Julia Charters - General Manager

Julia is a co-owner of Ethical Brand Co with her hubby Luke. Julia’s background is Sales & Marketing Administration with a passion for all things natural & organic being lucky enough to have been brought up by an alternative Mum. Julia heads up the awesome Admin team at Ethical Brand Co as well as managing the production schedule to ensure we always have plenty of your favourite hand-crafted Organic hair care products in stock. Julia also oversees the charitable donations and sponsorships with our key partners.

Luke Charters - Sales & Marketing Manager

Luke is a co-owner of Ethical Brand Co with his wife, Julia. Luke has a background in national sales management and is known for his gift of the gab. He personally visits our wonderful hair salon stockists all over the country to deliver specialist training and education and they all love him! Luke’s specialty is his knowledge about hair care ingredients. Luke heads up the Sales & Marketing team and is well known around the office for having a messy desk!

Nathalie Darne - Salon Coordinator

Nathalie is one of our incredibly talented team members who has worked as a hairdresser for many years, including 10 years in a beautiful Brisbane salon that stocked EverEscents. Nathalie does an amazing job looking after our salon stockists, coordinating our social media platforms and working on product development. Nat is our Curl Specialist and is a wealth of knowledge with all things CGM! “Nat Attack” is the driving force behind our passion for helping everyday people feel empowered and beautiful.

Annie Van Oirschot - Customer Service Guru

Annie coordinates our customer communications and the daily operations here at Ethical Brand Co. Annie links all our departments to ensure “the show” runs smoothly and when she is not at work, she is working hard in the Gym! There is never any shortage of laughs when Annie is around, her positive energy is infectious.

Bonnie White - Customer Service Guru

Bonnie is always the life of the party and makes it a real joy for all of us to come to work every day. Apart from the boring bookkeeping that she does so well, she provides the team with a constant stream of lollies from her lolly drawer, entertains us with her jokes and keeps us in line by casting responsible her “work mum” eyes over all of us… We all love our Bon Bon.

Tiarna Bohringer - Customer Service Guru

Tiarna is one of our professional hairdressers who has been “off the tools” for a few years now and has been part of the Ethical Brand Co family since 2012. Tiarna is very much loved by the team and all of our customers; she is our “go to” for all things EverEscents! Tiarna has fulfilled many roles in the team including currently looking after our salon stockists, coordinating our social media platforms and working on product development. Tiarna is always the voice of reason in our Sales and Marketing team and does an incredible job supporting Ethical Brand Co Management.

Dylan Phillips - Warehouse Coordinator

Dylan is our leading Warehouse Coordinator and takes care of all the orders we process every day to send all over Australia and around the world. Dylan’s attention to detail and precision is second to none. Dylan has great skills from a varied career within business and customer service and brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to our despatch team.

Lisa Tatton - Warehouse Coordinator

Lisa is one of our valuable Warehouse Coordinators – she keeps the wheels turning on the ground! Lisa has a long and detailed past in the production and despatch of natural and organic products and brings an array of varied knowledge to the business. Lisa is known as “speedy” in the warehouse as she processes lots of special orders every day - no gym membership required for Lisa!

Craig Nissen - Graphic Artist

Craig is our super-talented graphic designer and creates all the beautiful imagery you see for Ethical Brand Co. Our website, social media, posters, magazine advertisements and even the design of our product packaging! Craig is also a talented photographer and street artist. Craig is the walking encyclopedia in the office and answers almost any question thrown at him (he also makes an amazing home-made hot sauce).