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Refill Your Bottles

Did you know you can refill your favourite EverEscents products at your local Salon?

The passionate group driving the initiatives at EverEscents have been encouraging creative thinking around waste reduction for more than a decade. With the increase of single-use plastic polluting our waterways, it is now more important than ever that we do what we can to reduce waste. That is why we have custom designed our bottles to enable you to refill and re-use your bottles rather than disposing and purchasing a whole new product.

Through our Refill initiative, EverEscents salon stockists can offer a refill service from their basin stock or a dedicated refill station. Most Salon owners will offer a friendly discount when you utilise the refill service saving both money and the environment.

The Refill initiative is solely designed to reduce waste and lessen our impact on the environment by reducing landfill, manufacturing and transportation.
Ask your salon if they offer a Refill Service. For a full list of our official stockist salons check our salon locator here. 

Your conscious decision will make a difference. 

Some fun facts about our bottles

Our bottles are not “single-use plastic bottles”. Please do not dispose of our bottles after use, please refill, repurpose or recycle. Your conscious decision will make all the difference to help reduce waste.
Did you know our bottles are 100% Recyclable?
Our HDPE is recyclable and can be returned to the manufacturing cycle and made into new HDPE bottles
Did you know our bottles are made from milk bottles?
That's correct, we use recycled plastic from Australia not from overseas. Our bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastics from milk bottles right here in Queensland Australia.
Did you know our bottles can withstand high temperatures?
Absolutely! Our bottles can withstand high water temperatures, they can be rinsed and washed clean without risk to you or your family and our bottles can be refilled many times over and over again…it’s up to you to keep refilling and reusing to your satisfaction.
Did you know our bottles are custom designed for easy refill?
The large open neck along with the durable air-tight cap makes refilling a breeze.
Did you know that our bottles are BPA free?
That’s right, our HDPE bottles are safe to use over and over again.
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