Salon Feature: Roc Hair Salon | Luxury Hair Wellness
Salon Feature: Roc Hair Salon - Luxury Hair Wellness

Salon Feature: Roc Hair Salon – Luxury Hair Wellness

Ever wondered if organic products and luxury lifestyle could be found in the same sentence, let alone the same place? Well look no further than Roc Hair Salon based in the lower Blue Mountains of NSW. With a flourishing foundation of hair wellness from the inside out, this boutique yet relaxed salon space has all of your low-tox needs covered.

Suzie McLean has been the Director of Roc for 4 years and is passionate about cultivating connection, ritual and self-care through her clients’ haircare journeys. Suzie’s foundations of hairdressing begun in New Zealand. She journeyed to Australia 16 years ago and her career at Roc has been built with a strong philosophy of hair wellness with a holistic approach to the industry of course.

Roc Hair’s light, open and inviting salon space is heavily complimented by the low-tox atmosphere and sustainable approach to hairdressing.

Salon Feature: Roc Hair Salon - Luxury Hair Wellness

Suzie believes it can be quite confusing when looking for products that are cleaner and greener. The greenwashing going on in the industry leaves many salon owners, hairdressers and clients feeling confused and unsure. EverEscents not only aligns with Suzie’s personal values but she knows that they really walk their talk.

‘EverEscents are not going to formulate a product that doesn’t align with their own ethics, and their ethics are actually aligned perfectly with ours. I love that they’re community focused as well. Have a look on the back of the bottle – they’re Camp Quality partners, they’re vegan, cruelty free, and they’re organic as well. They are who they are and as I said they’re not going to produce a product that actually isn’t going to look after your hair, your scalp and also your wellbeing.’

Establishing an environment where clients can come in to feel refreshed, renewed and re-energised is enhanced by the EverEscents Signature Series Essential Oils drifting delicately in the air when you walk in the door. Suzie has also recently introduced a Ritual Menu combining EverEscents Essential Oils with other luxurious services on offer. How divine!

Salon Feature: Roc Hair Salon - Luxury Hair Wellness

Roc Hair offers a full EverEscents refill station with a generous 15% discount which her clients absolutely love. Much of the clientele at Roc are now familiar with this unique salon sustainability practice and have mastered the routine of bringing their empty EverEscents bottles into Roc for refilling.

Roc Hair’s whole concept is based on providing a holistic, low tox, sustainable environment and customer experience in every way possible. Suzie believes that as industry professionals we certainly don’t have to swap out luxury experiences when we choose to work with natural products. And without a doubt, performance is never compromised with EverEscents.

Suzie couldn’t pick just one EverEscents product of choice and why would she with so many nourishing products on offer! Here are her top three:

“I’m a die-hard Remedy Treatment fan – it is really great for the hair and it smells AMAZING!”

“The NEW Lemon & Sandalwood Cleanser that has just been released; I am obsessed!”

“I’m so passionate about Essential Oils ALWAYS! Utilising the Signature Series in salon for all your hair and scalp needs.”

As a Curl Salon with an abundance of curly clientele, the newly released Lemon Sandalwood Cleanser has been a hit for the EverEscents lovers that walk through the Roc Hair doors.

Salon Feature: Roc Hair Salon - Luxury Hair Wellness

‘I’ve had some really amazing results with fine and wavy hair and also really thick curly hair as well. Very, very moisturising for our fine hair clients. I’m noticing that you’re not having to put on a treatment or even a conditioner, it’s that moisturising! I’ve got a lot of clientele that do really love the EverEscents Range and haven’t moved to the Clever Curl Range, so this is perfect for them.’

It is a no brainer that when choosing companies to work with, you should do your research to find companies that truly align with your own ethics. EverEscents really do go above and beyond with their support, integrity and transparency as a company. Whether you’re a salon owner, on a personal low tox journey or a curious mind alike, there is something to suit your haircare needs. Suzie, myself and many other salon owners and industry professionals across the country couldn’t agree more.

A salon space that feels like an extension of home when you walk in the door makes my heart feel happy that’s for sure. Hair wellness curated from the inside out is also speaking my language.

Salon Feature: Roc Hair Salon - Luxury Hair Wellness

Instagram: @rochairsalon

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Phone: 0400 614 147


This article has been written by Jessica Carey. She has been a proud stockist of EverEscents Organic Hair Care for over 10 years and is a passionate and innovative eco-stylist. Jessica has been offering a holistic and sustainable approach to hair care from her Queensland based salon Arise Studio since 2010.

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