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Even if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, you can still go green

I LOVE Christmas. I love that our house has a month of looking all special and sparkly, I love the excitement of the kids getting an advents calendar surprise each morning, I love watching feelgood Christmas movies, listening to Christmas carols and the fact that Christmas brings families and friends together, I love the amazing food, and I especially love the smiles on my kids’ faces opening presents on Christmas day (ok, so it’s definitely not always this stress free, but you get the point!). There is one thing though that I really don’t like about Christmas – and no it’s not the frantic shopping experiences or my empty bank account – it’s my suddenly-much-larger carbon footprint. 

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Pampering your pooches with essential oils

We all want the best for our beloved pets! From providing nutritious food and exercise, to bathing, grooming and vaccinating; all good pet owners like to make sure their furry friends have everything they need to stay happy and healthy. So what about using essential oils on or near your pets?

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