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5 awesome facts about Eco Lab Style Project Biomass

Our recently released Eco Lab Style Project Firm Hold Aerosol Hairspray is taking the market by storm, here are 5 amazing facts about how it is made and why it is different from all other Aerosol Hairsprays….

  1. We use Certified Organic Biomass as the base.
  2. It is sourced from Certified Organic Sugar Cane Farms.
  3. The Sugar Cane is crushed and turned into a broth which is fermented.
  4. After fermentation the liquid is distilled & purified to 100% pure Certified Organic quality.
  5. This forward-thinking process makes this product the first aerosol hairspray ever to get to 61% Certified Organic.


The revolutionary idea was created because most hairsprays on the market contain synthetic alcohol. Synthetic alcohol is a manmade alcohol & is commonly known as “denatured alcohol”. Denatured alcohol is derived from Petroleum and has potential effects such as skin irritations, birth defects & neurotoxicity. This particular ingredient is considered to be broadly toxic and it’s used in hairspray that we use every day!

Over time these potential effects can become very real & this is one of the many reasons why we are constantly finding new and improved ways to make products better for you & better for the environment.

Biomass is the base of our Eco Lab Style Project Firm Hold Aerosol Hairspray. Once the sugar cane is cut down and has gone through its process it becomes Biomass. The Certified Organic Biomass we use is one of the purest ingredients used for a hairspray, making it a first of its kind.  We are so proud that our Eco Lab Style Project Firm Hold Aerosol Hairspray is 61% Certified Organic!!

I hope this information has helped you better understand the major differences between pure ingredients and synthetic ingredients. It is so important to always check your ingredients and if you’re unsure of something be sure to research. The Chemical Maze phone app and book is a perfect tool to help you understand each and every ingredient found in cosmetics and food.

Until next time,


Ethical Brand Co – Salon Coordinator


Sourced from- Chemical Maze (phone app) – https://chemicalmaze.com/

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