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Vegan Hair Styling Products

Broadening Choices for Hairdressing Clients with Vegan Hair Styling Products

Vegan hair styling products can offer your clients a better choice.

For hairdressers and salon owners, staying on trend is essential, but it isn’t just about knowing the latest hairstyles. Choosing products that promote healthy hair and cater to personal preferences can build your reputation for quality. Vegan styling products from EverEscents appeal to those for whom environmental responsibility is important.

Other Options We Provide Alongside Vegan Hair Styling Products

At EverEscents, we take pride in producing a broad salon-quality line of vegan hair styling products. However, we also provide other options, including:

  • Rejuvenating, hydrating, and nourishing hair treatments. For brittle, dry, and damaged hair, the right treatment makes all the difference.
  • Shampoos and conditioners. A wash and dry is the most fundamental part of the salon experience; why not offer a more luxurious experience with organic products?

Why Does EverEscents Stand Out in Vegan Styling Products?

There are no doubt thousands of different products out there on the market, so what makes EverEscents the right option? Some of the hallmarks of our service include:

  • 100% Australian-owned and made reliability. We work hard to source everything from our tubes and containers to our ingredients within Australia, creating products made for conditions here.
  • A Choose Cruelty-Free Australia accreditation. Our processes, ingredients, and products have all received the green light for ethical animal treatment.

These reasons, alongside our deep catalogue of vegan hair styling products, enable us to be a stand-out option.

About EverEscents

For more than a decade, EverEscents has worked hard to carve out a unique space in the Australian salon industry by offering top-shelf products created with an ethical, environmentally-respectful approach. From our “no palm oil” pledge to our vegan-friendly practices, EverEscents products will be right at home on the shelves of your salon. Find out more about what you can offer customers when you contact us.

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