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The health benefits of Kombucha

So you have seen Kombucha in the shops but you’re not quite sure what it’s all about? Read on…

The ancient Chinese call it “Imortal Health Elixir”. Kombucha refers to a variety of fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drinks that are commonly used as functional beverages for their unsubstantiated health benefits. Made from sweetened tea that’s been fermented by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (otherwise known as SCOBY) Kombucha has been around for more than 2,000 years and has a rich anecdotal history of health benefits like preventing and fighting cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.

What are the health benefits of Kombucha Tea?

Kombucha Health Benefit #1 — Detoxification

Detoxification produces healthy livers and aides cancer prevention. One of Kombucha’s greatest health benefits is its ability to detox the body. It is rich in many of the enzymes and bacterial acids your body produces and/or uses to detox your system, thus reducing your pancreatic load and easing the burden on your liver. Kombucha is very high in Glucaric acid, and recent studies have shown that glucaric acid helps prevent cancer.

Kombucha Health Benefit #2 — Joint Care

Kombucha contains glucosamines, a strong preventive and treatment all forms of arthritis. Glucosamines increase synovial hyaluronic acid production. Hyaluronic acid functions physiologically to aid preservation of cartilage structure and prevent arthritic pain. Hyaluronic acid enables connective tissue to bind moisture thousands of times its weight and maintains tissue structure, moisture, lubrication and flexibility and lessens free radical damage, while associated collagen retards and reduces wrinkles.

Kombucha Health Benefit #3 — Aids Digestion and Gut Health

Because it’s naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, Kombucha is a probiotic beverage. This has a myriad of benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, mental clarity, and mood stability. As such, it’s noted for reducing or eliminating the symptoms of fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, etc.

Kombucha Health Benefit #4 — Immune Boosting

Kombucha is extraordinarily anti-oxidant rich therefore helps to boost your immune system and energy levels.

Is Kombucha safe when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, if you’ve been a regular Kombucha drinker, keep drinking it! Kombucha is safe when pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s benefits include:

  • It increases energy levels.
  • It helps bowel movements be regular.
  • It detoxifies the body.
  • It helps you maximize nutrient absorption because it’s probiotic.

Pregnant ladies often suffer from lack of energy, and this will give you an energy boost without resorting to caffeine or sugar. Pregnant women also frequently struggle with constipation during pregnancy, and this can help you be more regular. Everyone knows that pregnancy increases mucus production, and this can make battling normal colds or allergies difficult. Kombucha can help cleanse and detox your body safely so you can ward off potential illnesses. And, of course, pregnant women are creating a new life inside them, so they need to be able to use all the nutrients from their nutrient dense foods.

(Please be aware that if you are pregnant and you’ve never had Kombucha before, use with caution. Kombucha can cause a reaction in first time drinkers – please seek medical advice before consuming)

So there you have it, now you know all about Kombucha! If you are looking to purchase some, you will find it at your local health food shops and some selected markets.

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