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Rose Geranium Benefits

The EverEscents Organic Rose Shampoo & Conditioner Range, is designed for all hair types and everyday use, is made with Rose Geranium. We chose this beautiful essential oil as it is useful for all skin and hair conditions as it balances sebum.  And whilst working on the head and hair Rose Geranium can work on the Mind & Spirit as it has a balancing effect on the nervous system. It relieves anxiety and depressions and lifts the spirits.

Web MD explains that rose geranium oil is extracted from the leaves and stem of the Rose Geranium plant.  They go on to say that some people take Rose Geranium oil for nerve pain (neuopathy) and for diarrhea. It is also applied directly to the skin for nerve pain. Some people also use it topically as an astringent to tighten skin.  You will also find Rose Geranium oil is used in foods and beverages as a flavouring.  In manufacturing, Rose Geranium oil is used as an inexpensive substitute for Rose oil. It is also used as fragrance in soaps, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Rose Geranium is also useful as an astringent, and can help to achieve skin tone and clarity.  This oil is also very good for treating burns, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and other skin conditions.  Plus rose geranium oil is a powerful insecticide, and when a few drops are added to shampoo, it can be effective therapy against head lice.

Ki Organics shows that Rose Geranium essential oil can also be used to:

  • to lift the spirit and release stress and tiredness by rebalancing the nervous system; it puts you in a good mood
  • for detoxification and elimination because it has a diuretic effect and will be beneficial in case of water retention; it also helps cleanse the lymphatic system
  • for PMS
  • for inflammation in the joints, muscles or connective tissues
  • on the skin, it has amazing effects especially in case of acne, eczema, psoriasis or other skin disorders caused by bacteria, but it can be used by anyone to regulate the sebum secretion and is beneficial to dry skin.
  • it can be useful for nose bleeding because of its haemostatic properties and even in case of cuts, wounds or burns thanks to its cicatrisant properties.

Isn’t it nice to know that the products that you are using every day have so many health improving properties as opposed to taking away from your health!   To see the full range of EverEscents Organic Rose Hair Care CLICK HERE .



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