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It’s easy to go Green with your power

Now let me tell you, we are not perfect, we may make gorgeous EverEscents Organic Hair Care products, which are not only great on your hair but safe to use BUT I’ll tell you a little secret, we do eat chocolate (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).  We tell you this so you know that we aren’t perfect but when we know we can help our future in such a small way, by purchasing green power, it makes sense (did you think we were still talking about the chocolate?).

Recently we discovered that not everyone understands exactly what Green Power is…so here is a bit of a helping hand that we sourced through, the government website, one step at a time we can improve our world together.

Did you know?

* That only 9% of Australian residents and businesses use Green Power?

* 47,000 business buy green power each year

* Last year GreenPower customers resulted in $80million being invested into the renewable energy industry in Australia.

GreenPower is a Government accredited program aimed at increasing the renewable energy uptake in Australia. It is also the easiest way for your business to reduce its Greenhouse gas emissions.


GreenPower offers your business an easy way to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Increasingly, consumers are becoming more attracted to businesses that are seen as being environmentally conscious. Taking the lead in helping to drive demand for renewable energy and reducing your business carbon footprint are just a couple of the many potential benefits of switching to GreenPower.


Switching to GreenPower is easy. You don’t need to change your electricity supply or your existing electricity contract and you still get the same reliability of supply.

All you have to do is call your current electricity supplier using the customer service number on your electricity bill and ask to join an accredited GreenPower product. Alternatively you can buy GreenPower through a decoupled GreenPower purchase from a company other than your current energy retailer, by contacting one of the GreenPower providers listed below via phone or an application form online.

If your business purchases more than 160 MWh electricity per annum, you can select suppliers in the table below and fill in a quote request form online. This form is automatically emailed to the GreenPower Providers and Energy Retailers you have selected on your behalf.

Each energy supplier will have their own name for the accredited GreenPower product they sell, such as ‘GreenLiving’ or ‘GreenEarth’, and have different options for the percentage of GreenPower you can purchase.

Many businesses find that their electricity plan is outdated and that they can actually cut costs by changing their plan. The new plan, combined with the GreenPower component (5-8 c/kWh), which can be offset as energy efficiency, means overall there is no added cost incurred. In fact, businesses often end up saving money off their electricity bills.

Australia has a requirement to generate 20 per cent of the energy we use from renewable energy by 2020. This target is being reviewed this year. ACF is trying to increase that target, to move to a clean energy economy as quickly as possible.

EverEscents has made the switch to 100% Green Power and we know you can too!

CLICK HERE to watch this great Green Power clip: Green Power

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