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Eco Friendly Hair Products

Trust EverEscents to Provide High Quality, Eco Friendly Hair Products

At EverEscents, we are passionate about eco-friendly hair products.

We believe that the products you use to wash and condition your hair shouldn’t just be good for you and good for your hair, but good for the planet as well. We are proud to be known as theleading professional organic brand for hair care in salons throughout Australia. If you are looking for environmentally friendly hair care, you’ve found it with EverEscents.

Services We Provide Related to Eco Friendly Hair Products

So how do we achieve eco-friendly hair care at EverEscents? Here are a few of the services and strategies we use to ensure that our products are as sustainable as possible:

  • Using Certified Organic ingredients: In order to be classed as ‘Certified Organic’ in Australia, companies like EverEscents need to use a minimum of 70 percent organic ingredients. At EverEscents, we go above and beyond, adhering to our own company-wide minimum of 75 percent organic ingredients, and using up to 90 percent Certified Organic ingredients in many products. In some cases, 100 percent of the ingredients in our hair care products are naturally derived and sourced from sustainable and fair trade suppliers.
  • 100 percent solar powered facilities: We have large solar panel energy systems on the roof of our factory and also our office building to provide enough energy to power the needs of our business. Our solar panel systems produce more than enough energy to power our operations and also feed energy back to the grid.
  • Relying on renewable energy: Whenever we may have the need to purchase energy we do so from a company called Diamond Energy, which invests heavily in renewables. Today, we are proud to say that our business operations are 100 percent driven by renewable energy, rather than by fossil fuels like coal and gas.
  • Being 100 percent cruelty free: Part of protecting the planet is protecting the citizens of the planet. That not only means producing products that are safe for our customers to use, but it also means not testing our products on animals. We are a 100 percent cruelty free manufacturer and only use product testing methods that won’t harm animals or humans.

The Benefits of Using EverEscents Products

Using EverEscents products means voting with your money and supporting our ethical, sustainable, eco friendly practices. More than just supporting our company policies, though, using our environmentally friendly hair products will yield numerous other benefits. These include:

  • Salon quality hair care: Our range of products is sold exclusively in professional salons throughout Australia. However, by purchasing our products online, directly through EverEscents, you can get salon quality hair care at home.
  • Products that are ideal for all ages: In large part because we use such organic, natural ingredients—and steer clear of dangerous chemicals—our products are safe for men and women of all ages. From infants to grandparents, everyone can find something to love with EverEscents.
  • Vegan-friendly hair care: Have you adopted a vegan lifestyle? Adopting a vegan diet is one thing, but finding vegan-friendly hair products can be extremely difficult in itself. EverEscents offers a range of products that comply with all vegan requirements. You can find detailed explanations of the ingredients we use and why they suit a vegan lifecycle by exploring our website.

About EverEscents

The EverEscents journey began in 1998, when company founder Leone Martin began sourcing natural and organic products for her grandmother, who had been diagnosed with cancer. Leone was astounded by how many chemicals were included in hair care products, and set out to bring something new to the market. Today, our eco friendly hair products carry this legacy, and are healthier for consumers and the world at large as a result. Contact us today to learn more about the ingredients and processes behind our products.

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