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Anuyu Style Lounge – South Australia

This week, Tiarna had a chat with Magi at Anuyu Style Lounge in Morphett Vale, South Australia to find out more about herself and her salon concept.

This beautiful salon appeals to a large audience and best of all, Magi has taken the Organic approach by giving her salon a different spin to the rest!

Tiarna: How long have you been hairdressing for?

Magi: I began Tafe SA Pre-Voc Hairdressing in 1992 and have been hairdressing since which makes 22 years. I have Cert 4 Training and Assessment, Cert 3 &4 Hairdressing and Diploma in Salon Management. I have previously owned and managed 3 other hairdressing businesses.

Tiarna: When did you open this salon?

Magi: December 2013

Tiarna: How many staff members do you have and what are their roles?

Magi: I only have 1 senior casual, with similar experience and would like to eventually employ school based apprentices.

Tiarna: What other services does your salon provide?

Magi: We aim to offer mainstream hairdressing services which are affordable and maintainable, whilst retaining the integrity of the hair.

We offer general cutting and perming with creative and corrective colouring services.

Tiarna: Do you live Organically yourself? If so, how/what do you do in your everyday life to achieve this?

Magi: No, organic was an added advantage but not imperative

Tiarna: What do you love about EverEscents?

Magi: Its smell, its lather, its quality, its packaging, its morals and its salon only. I was Inspired by a small but complete range, good quality, beautiful smelling, Australian product at an affordable price.

 Tiarna: What is your favourite EverEscents product?

Magi: Organic Cinnamon and Patchouli Range

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