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Vegan Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner Australia

Vegan-Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner Available in Australian Salons

Does your salon carry a vegan-friendly shampoo and conditioner?

If not, then you should ask them. EverEscents has developed a line of organic shampoos and conditioners that professional hairdressers have come to love and use on their client’s hair. With a formula for every hair type, using organic products on hair restores lustre, manageability and shine without damaging hair or scalps.

Problems Vegan-Friendly Shampoo and Conditioner Solves

Using organic products containing herbal extracts and natural minerals and oil on your hair restores moisture and prevents damage to overworked hair.

  • Shampoos and conditioners most people use contain harmful ingredients that cause dry scalp, irritate oil glands and strip hair of shine and lustre.
  • Organic hair care products containing tea tree oil eliminate dry scalp issues and promote healthy oil production resulting in naturally beautiful hair. They are safe for all hair types including coloured hair.
  • Organic shampoos and conditioners are gentle on the environment and are completely biodegradable. Our ingredients are sourced all over Australia from sustainable organic farms.

What You Can Expect from EverEscents regarding Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner

Our products are developed and produced in Australia and are available in salons for purchase to use at home.

  • Our products are truly organic by Australian standards ensuring you receive the best ingredients for hair care. With 75% to 90% of the ingredients in our products certified organic you know it will provide your hair with beneficial herbal extracts.
  • Our shampoos contain an Aloe Vera base along with moisturising herbal extracts that gently clean hair and scalp without stripping or dulling hair. Our vegan conditioner starts with the same Aloe Vera base and includes natural moisturisers and detanglers for a soft finish.
  • Careful selection of extracts offers more than beautiful hair. The addition of rosemary helps stimulate blood circulation of the scalp promoting hair growth. It also quickens the brain turning your shower into an exhilarating experience that rejuvenates your mind.

Why You Should Use EverEscents Vegan Conditioner

Our products were designed with more than beautiful hair in mind. We are an environmentally focused company devoted to reducing our carbon footprint in our manufacturing process by using renewable energy. We purchase our electricity from a company that invests in alternative forms of energy in addition to wind and hydropower. Almost all materials involved in our manufacturing process are made exclusively in Australia.

Additionally, our products are vegan-friendly ensuring they are compatible with any lifestyle. We never test our products on animals, and we are accredited by Choose Cruelty-Free Australia in response to our efforts. We are also a civic-minded company and donate a portion of our profits to Camp Quality, an Australian charity assisting families dealing with childhood cancer.

Accessing nature to produce beautiful hair and provide other positive health benefits in an environmentally friendly way is what drives EverEscents to create quality products for salon professionals and individuals alike. Contact us for more information on our vegan products and salon availability. After experiencing our products, you won’t go back to regular hair care brands again.

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