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Organic Silicone free shampoo

Silicone Free Shampoo

Why silicone is used in hair care and how to avoid it

Have you ever found yourself baffled as to why your favourite shampoo once gave you that ‘fresh out of the salon’ feel now  your hair feeling weighed down, limp and lifeless?

It is often believed that your shampoo and conditioner needs to be switched up regularly, as hair gets ‘used to’ products that conditioner have suddenly stopped working for you, and the beloved products that you’ve been using for a while. But is this actually true?

Often the reason for hair heaviness comes down to ingredients designed provide benefits such nourish dry hair, tame curls, or tackle frizz. If you’ve ever used a super-rich deep conditioning treatment for example, and then felt like your hair was left lank and dirty even though you’d just washed it, it’s likely that the product was too heavy for your particular hair type. Although oils can sometimes be the cause, silicones can also be attributed as the main culprit of this heaviness.

What Are Silicones?

Silicones are polymers with a chemical structure based on chains of alternate silicon and oxygen atoms. There are many different types of silicones and it can be a difficult task to tell if your shampoo or conditioner contains them if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. Largely, silicones will be listed in words ending in ‘cone’ on the ingredient list, e.g. Dimethicone.

Silicones are water insoluble, meaning they are difficult to dissolve and wash out. Applied to add shine and smoothness to hair, silicones form a layer around the hair shaft, effectively smothering the hair and preventing moisture from penetrating it, which can lead to dryness and brittleness.

Silicones create the temporary illusion of healthy hair, but as they continue to build up layer by layer over time, the hair can become weighed down, appear greasy, dull and lacking the lustre that the silicones were put there to provide in the first place.

Why Switch to a Silicone-Free Shampoo?

Silicones coat the hair shafts providing artificial shine, and therefore can mask the true condition of the hair. The most common form of silicone used in hair products, dimethicone, builds up over time on the hair and is difficult to remove, preventing moisture and essential nutrients from getting to the hair shaft.

In an attempt to remove silicone build-up, many people resort to using shampoos that contain harsh, irritating foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). SLS strips the natural healthy oils that protect the hair and scalp, disrupting the skin’s natural balance and causing the hair to become dry, damaged and brittle. This then creates a vicious circle, as the hair becomes more damaged from the use of harsh detergents, more silicones are used to temporarily mask the issue and make hair appear healthier.

By using a silicone-free shampoo that doesn’t contain SLS, it is possible to achieve authentically healthy, shiny hair without using harsh, synthetic chemicals.

Removing silicone laden hair care products from your routine will allow moisture to penetrate the hair shafts and the natural oils produced by the scalp can then help nourish and hydrate the hair and restore the scalp’s healthy balance.

As the hair and scalp’s overall health improves and silicone build-up is vanquished, hair will also require washing less frequently as oil production returns to normal and hair is not weighed down, leaving the hair looking lighter and less oily.

Choosing a Silicone-Free Shampoo

Organic Lavender Shampoo

Many mainstream shampoos and conditioners use silicones to give the hair that temporary silky smooth feel.

Some mainstream brands have launched their own silicone-free shampoos in an attempt to capitalise on the movement towards more natural hair care.

Although these high street shampoos may have removed silicone, they often still contain a whole host of other nasty ingredients that can potentially damage or irritate your hair and scalp, such as drying alcohol, synthetic colours and fragrances (the leading cause of allergies to cosmetics), PEGs, mineral oil and other chemical nasties that can all put your hair and scalp out of its natural healthy balance.

EverEscents Organic Silicone-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

The EverEscents research and development team have discovered many new and innovative ways to develop modern product formulas that harness the power of Certified Organic ingredients. Our beautiful products have been hand-crafted and refined in the laboratory of our Certified Organic factory in Australia.

The EverEscents Organic Hair Care range of Organic shampoo, conditioner and treatments contain the highest quality pure Australian Certified Organic ingredients and essential oils and does not contain and harmful or toxic ingredients, and every EverEscents product is free from silicones, parabens and sulphates.

Choosing to source Organic ingredients ensures that the plants are vibrant and bursting with natural properties, the earth is kept fertile and of course the farmers are not at risk from toxic chemicals. Organic ingredients have been proven to contain powerful properties that can provide amazing results. When switching from chemical-based hair products to Organic hair products, you can be sure that not only are they safe and toxin-free, they also perform to a professional standard. With eight different scalp and hair targeted products to choose from across the range, it’s never been easier to choose a silicone-free shampoo.


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