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Is your coffee addiction harming the earth? Reusable Cups Vs Takeaway Cups

Did you know that Over 50% of us are regular coffee drinkers, with 16.3 million coffees being consumed daily? If you stop by your favourite coffee shop every day, that’s at least 7 takeaway cups being used and wasted every week. That’s over 300 cups annually and that doesn’t even take into consideration other consumables being served in takeaway cups on different occasions. And the worse thing is that they can’t be recycled so end up in landfill!

If you’ve been thinking about reducing your carbon footprint, converting from takeaway cups to a reusable cup is a great and easy first step! Many people assume that paper takeaway cups can be recycled because they are paper but unfortunately that is not the case. Most paper cups are lined with plastic or wax to help keep your coffee hot and to prevent the paper cup from dissolving into mush. Because of this special ingredient, paper cups cannot be recycled or composted.

So what can you do?!

The solution to this one is simple; purchase a reusable cup!

Reusable cups are usually made from separable, single components, which makes them easier to recycle. Most of them are made from plastic, but its polypropylene, which is BPA free and has the greatest capacity for recycling and reusing at the end of its life – alternatively there are glass and ceramic options available.
After 15 uses a reusable cup starts ‘paying for itself’ in an environmental sense, meaning you’ll be saving more trees, water, and energy than you would have if you had chosen disposable.
Reusable cups last for at least three years so if you had chosen to use takeaway cups during this time you would have contributed just under 3kg of plastics to landfill.

My secret is that I own 2 reusable cups and always keep one clean one in the car ready to use – I love drinking my coffee in it as it makes me feel good that I am doing a good deed for the planet. ?

So get onboard today!
Cheers Julia (General Manager, EverEscents)

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