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How charitable are you?

Here at EverEscents we love to give, not just by providing EverEscents Organic Hair Care products that are free from all nasties to the community at large but also through charity.

Since April 2005, EverEscents Organic Hair Care have supported Camp Quality.  Camp Quality is the children’s family cancer charity that believes in building resilience in the lives of every child living with cancer and their family in Australia. Camp Quality create an optimistic community for the families through fun therapy and education. They believe laughter is the best medicine. Through merchandising and licensing alliances, EverEscents donates 5c from every EverEscents Organic Hair Care product that is sold.

Our regular donation to a charity made us question and wonder about other Australians and what they are doing for their community and we found out some interesting facts in our search for information.

Matt Wade from The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) reported in December 2012 that the World Giving Index ranked Australians as the world’s most charitable people.

It found that, in a typical month, 76 per cent of Australians donate money (second on the index) 37 per cent volunteered time (12th) and 67 per cent helped a stranger. The index also showed Australia has the highest index score on average during the past five years.

How impressive is that, not that we should rest on our laurels.  We then found that we can improve how we give to charity via a posting on the Freakanomics website by American philanthropy experts Caroline Fiennes and Phil Buchanan:

”As any 10-year-old can tell you, multiplication is commutative: 2 x $70 is the same as 70 x $2. But not in charitable giving, it turns out. Making two donations of $70 is a good deal more valuable to charity than making 70 donations of $2.”

The reason is for this writes Wade from the SMH, is fixed transaction costs. Some of the expenses associated with processing a donation – such as receipting, postage and even bank fees – are the same, or similar, regardless of the donation’s size. That means a bigger proportion of a small donation tends to get used up on administration.

There are learnings for us all, even we as givers can make a difference in the way we donate.  If you are interested in donating to Camp Quality CLICK HERE


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