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Cruelty Free Hair Products

Cruelty Free Hair Products

Find Cruelty Free Hair Products in Australia from EverEscents

Are you looking for cruelty free hair products? Count on EverEscents.

Recently, EverEscents was accredited by Choose Cruelty Free Australia, an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to helping consumers find cruelty free conditioner, shampoo and other hair care and cosmetic products. The organisation maintains a comprehensive list of cruelty free cosmetic and personal care products available in Australia. To achieve certification from Choose Cruelty Free, companies and their products have to meet rigid standards. We are proud to say that EverEscents has met those standards for our ingredients.

The Importance of Cruelty Free Hair Products

So why is cruelty free hair care so important? There are many, many reasons, but here are a few of the big ones:

  • Testing cosmetic and personal care products on animals is cruel and unethical: Testing hair care products, makeup or other cosmetic products on animals is tantamount to animal abuse. These animals live in cages and are repeatedly subjected to tests that cause them pain, discomfort and severe health problems.
  • Animal testing is illegal in many parts of the world: More and more governments are banning the use of animal testing for personal care products and their ingredients. Currently, the list includes New Zealand, the European Union and India, among numerous other places.
  • There are alternatives: The prevailing ‘defence’ of animal testing in the cosmetic industry is that it is necessary to determine whether ingredients or formulations can safely be used by humans. In truth, there are many alternatives, from in vitro testing (tests conducted in test tubes) to cell cultures or computer models. Furthermore, there is a long (and growing) list of ingredients that have been proven to be safe. By focusing on these ingredients, the manufacturers of personal care products can make safe products without any animal testing.

Problems That EverEscents Addresses

At EverEscents, we not only offer cruelty free hair products, but our refusal to participate in the unethical treatment of animals is just one of the common problems with cosmetic manufacturing that we strive to solve. Other issues we address include:

  • The use of artificial ingredients: Too many cosmetic companies use pesticides or other toxic, dangerous chemicals in the manufacturing or formulation of their products. At EverEscents, we are focussed on using Certified Organic ingredients and we manufacture our products in a Certified Organic factory in Australia. All of our products are derived from at least 75 percent and up to 90 percent Certified Organic ingredients and in most cases, we strive for 100 percent natural ingredients.
  • Apathy for the environment: At EverEscents, we never want to be a company known for environmentally destructive processes. We are dedicated to sustainability and do everything we can to protect the environment and minimise our footprint. One example is our active fight against the use of palm oil in cosmetic products and other industries.

About EverEscents

For more than 12 years, EverEscents has been working to bring [professional quality] natural and organic hair care products to salons across Australia. Today, we are proud to offer products that are Certified Organic, Australian-made and cruelty free, sold by hundreds of stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand. Are you interested in learning more about EverEscents and our cruelty free shampoo and conditioner? If so, contact us today.

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