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5 minutes with the General Manager of EverEscents!

How long have you owned EverEscents for?
For nearly 11 years now, wow how time flies when you’re having fun!

What was the inspiration behind purchasing EverEscents?
I was lucky enough to be brought up by my Mum who was very alternative and into all things healthy, eco conscious & chemical free – which was very rare back then! It has always resonated with me so when I was looking for a business to buy in 2006 and EverEscents came up, it ticked all the boxes of what I was looking for in a business and a career!

What role do you play in the business?
I am classed as the General Manager which basically means I do all the “General” stuff (he he). But seriously my key focus is all the behind the scenes stuff and keeping the Admin / Accounting side of things running smoothly. I also help with Customer Service, Product Development, HR and do all the stock ordering to ensure our customers always get their products on time.

As a business owner, what are your three top priorities?
1) Produce a great product that everyone can enjoy.
2) Give back to those less fortunate or in need.
3) Be kind to the Earth in the process.

What sets EverEscents apart from other haircare companies?
I would say Ethics! Being in the Hairdressing industry sometimes has it’s downfalls and we come across some companies, big and small, that don’t have a lot of ethics. To us, it is the single most important trait of a business.

What are some harmful ingredients people need to be avoiding in haircare products?

There are lots but the main nasties are Toxic preservatives such as Parabens, DMDM Hydantoin, MIT’s & Phenoxyethanol. Plus also Silicones, PEG’s and artificial colours and fragrances.

What’s your favourite product in the range?
My favourite product for a while has been our Heat Protector – it is the one product in our range that I use consistently. I use it before heat tools and also after. It is nice and light so doesn’t weigh fine hair like mine down and is perfect for taming the frizzies and flyaways after straightening.

What’s your biggest haircare tip?
Always use EverEscents Organic Hair Care! Am I allowed to say that?! Seriously though, reduce the chemicals especially things like Silicone that coat the hair shaft and seal out moisture leading to breakage.

What skincare do you use?
I have a few favourite natural brands including; Twenty-8, Tri Nature, & Australian Bushflower Essences

What makeup do you use?
Kylie’s Professional Mineral Makeup

What do you do in your everyday life to reduce the use of chemicals?
I am blessed to feel like I have pretty much always lived a fairly chemical free life (apart from the odd wine, does that count!!). In our home & here in the office, we use all chemical free cleaning products, obviously I use chemical free haircare! I also use natural makeup and natural skincare. We buy all our fruit & veggies from a local farm and most is Organic or Spray free. I don’t use artificial perfumes and use Salt lamps around electronic devices to help with the eSmog.

Stay tuned for 5 minutes with Business Development Manager, Tiarna!

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