Sample Sachets | EverEscents Organic Hair Care Australia

Sample Sachets

Our new and improved EverEscents Sample Sachets are now:

  • Sturdier than ever
  • 100% re-usable
  • Recycleable!

Made from recyclable, washable and re-usable LLDPE these sachets are 100% recyclable through REDcycle Systems Australia.

These sample sachets are designed to allow you to try EverEscents products to test the performance, quality and suitability for your hair and scalp.

It allows for a patch test on your skin for sensitivities or allergies that you may have and also to get a feel for how the product will improve the health of your hair.

These sample sachets should be adequate for the average head of hair for one use however if you have very long or very thick / curly hair you may need two.

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