Frequently Asked Questions

What does Certified Organic mean?

Certified Organic means that the product must comply with strict standards and regulations set by the Certified Organic industry and must comply with the National Organic Standard administered by A.Q.I.S (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service). Consumers are now assured that certified organic ingredients have no pesticides, synthetic insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or genetically modified ingredients used in any phase of their production, from farm to consumer.

All organic ingredients used in EverEscents products have been certified as organic by accredited agents who verify that they meet the National Organic Standards. EverEscents keeps detailed records on all organic ingredients as specified by this law.

Do EverEscents products contain any artificial colours or fragrances?

Absolutely no, EverEscents hair care products are coloured and fragranced as a result of their certified organic essential oil, vegetable and herb ingredients.

Why does EverEscents use Certified Organic essential oils?

EverEscents is extremely proud to use Certified Organic essential oils in every product as there are many therapeutic benefits and they are far superior to synthetic oils. EverEscents uses only the finest and most pure oils available, which are much more expensive than the synthetic oils because a large amount of plant material is required to produce even a small amount of pure essential oil.

Does using Certified Organic ingredients help the environment?

Yes. Organic agricultural practices save resources and keep our soil and water healthy. By working in harmony with nature organic agriculture protects and safeguards the health of our people and the environment in a multitude of ways.

Is it safe to use essential oils during pregnancy?

The concentration of essential oils in EverEscents products is safe for use in pregnancy.

Are all ingredients in EverEscents products safe for use on young children?


All personal care products require the presence of a preservative in some form to ensure the stability and prevent bacteria forming within the product over time. The preservative used in EverEscents is Geogard® ECT, a water-soluble, low odour and low colour preservative that offers broad spectrum protection in a variety of personal care products and is comprised of very small amounts of Benzyl Alcohol (and) Salicylic Acid (and) Glycerin (and) Sorbic Acid.  

Geogard® ECT is compliant with ECOCERT and COSMOS and is accepted by the NPA, and is present in EverEscents formulations at a very low percentage, well under 1%.

Geogard® ECT along with all other ingredients in the EverEscents product formulations are safe for use on children of any age. We recommend using your own discretion and conducting a patch test prior to use on your little ones.

Why do you not use sulfates such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & why are they bad?

Sulfates are commonly added to hair care products to act as foam boosters. These ingredients are strong in cleansing power, low in cost yet are also highly irritating to humans. The potential health effects include cataracts, corneal damage, improper eye development in infants & children, dry skin, liver toxicity, dermatitis, mouth ulcers, impaired hair growth & corrosion of hair follicles – source: The Chemical Maze, Bill Stratham.

EverEscents uses much gentler plant based cleansers that create a more dense lather with finer bubbles which can feel more luxurious and cleanse without stripping the natural oils of the hair. EverEscents NEVER uses Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

Why is Propylene Glycol used in hair care and is it safe?

Propylene Glycol is present in many hair care products for its humectant qualities (drawing water to itself). Propylene Glycol is a petrochemical and is a primary irritant. It is usually used in place of glycerine, a highly effective plant derived humectant, because it is cheaper. Studies have shown that Propylene Glycol is not safe as the potential health effects include kidney damage, liver abnormalities, contact dermatitis, skin rashes, neurotoxicity and dry skin – source: The Chemical Maze, Bill Stratham. EverEscents does NOT use Propylene Glycol in any of our products.

What is the use by date of our products?

When stored at room temperature (less than 30 degrees Celsius) we guarantee our products for 2 years – we call this our “guaranteed shelf life”.  Once our products are opened and continually exposed to the open air and human hands We recommend that our products are used within 6 months – we call this our “best before guide”. The best before guide is primarily designed to ensure the products are still full of fragrance from the organic essential oils in our formulas. Once our products have been opened for more than 6 months they may start to lose their fragrance but they don’t lose any performance and they are certainly safe to use.

Do you have another question?

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