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YES! All EverEscents products can be refilled over and over again, reducing the need to repurchase new bottles each time. 

Our vast network of Salon stockists across Australia and NZ that stock our EverEscents range. They can be found via our Salon Locator Page

Many Salon stockists also offer the amazing EverEscents refill service. All refill salons will have ‘REFILL SALON’ listed beside their salon name on the Salon Locator Page.

Please email our team at and we can assist you further

It is completely at the discretion of the salon that you are refilling your product at.  
Many salons ask that their customers bring in a clean, empty bottle for refilling as it is more pleasant for the staff member refilling the bottle and the cost is easier to calculate.  

It is also best to use up all the product in the bottle before refilling to avoid mixing an older batch of product with a newer, fresher batch.  

Some salons don’t mind either way so always check with them first.  

Yes! EverEscents bottles are made from 100% Australian post-consumer recycled plastic. Milk bottles to be exact! 

EverEscents products do not contain any of the potentially reef harming ingredients listed by and are 100% Reef Safe.

The entire EverEscents range is completely biodegradable and therefore grey water and septic tank safe.

Yes. Organic agricultural practices save resources and keep our soil and water healthy. By working in harmony with nature organic agriculture protects and safeguards the health of our people and the environment in a multitude of ways. 

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