The Evolution of EverEscents

After more than 10 years in the Australian hairdressing industry, EverEscents is coming of age with an evolution of style, luxury, elegance and quality. Seen as the leading professional Organic brand in Australian salons EverEscents has consistently set the standard and led the way for others to follow. Now we see the fabric of the EverEscents brand as it evolves to the next generation of Organic hair care products.

The EverEscents research and development team has discovered many new and innovative ways to develop modern product formulas that have been hand crafted in the laboratory of our Certified Organic factory in Brisbane.

EverEscents is passionate about Organic farming and therefore ensures at least 75% and up to 96% of the ingredients in every product are Certified Organic. These high levels of premium quality ingredients are superior to any other brand on the market today. Ask your other suppliers for the same information for their products and see the difference for yourself. The fresh new look brings all-new packaging, marketing materials, improved formulas and every detail has been refined to produce hand crafted products that are simply amazing.

EverEscents Borne By Nature