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Choose vegan hair products that fit your needs and your philosophy. Making the decision to avoid contributing to animal cruelty and to only purchase products that rely primarily on ingredients from the natural world shouldn't mean cutting yourself off from excellent products. At EverEscents, we believe firmly in the importance of the availability of vegan-friendly hair products.

What You Can Expect from EverEscents' Vegan Hair Products

Why shop for vegan treatments online or with one of the hundreds of professional stockists which carry our line? The answer is all about why we stand out, and how we strive to do things differently. When you purchase an EverEscents product, you can expect:

  • A wide range of options to suit practically every type of hair and colour. Every person is different, and so is every head of hair. We cater to everyone.
  • Certified cruelty-free and accredited by Choose Cruelty Free Australia. This certification is important to us — it demonstrates with clarity that all our products are guaranteed not to involve the unethical treatment of animals.
  • Organic formulations that meet and exceed Australian standards. The baseline for a product to receive an "organic" label is a formula containing at least 70% organic ingredients. All EverEscents products contain no less than 75%, and many are up to 90% organic.

Common Problems Vegan-Friendly Hair Products by EverEscents Can Solve

Aside from avoiding making a contribution to the systems that generate and consume animal products, relying on vegan hair care can be a solution for other issues you face. Some of the problems you can address include:

  • Problematic results stemming from chemical ingredients in mainstream hair products. Most mainstream products rely on a host of synthetic chemicals to foam and cleanse — but they do damage at the same time. Our products don't use these ingredients.
  • Fading colours, split ends, dry hair, and more. Vegan products are often very colour-safe, and our dedicated line of colour care products help keep your hair healthy too.
  • The difficulty of avoiding destructive ingredients. Palm oil, for example, is responsible for widespread deforestation, yet still makes its way into many food and beauty products. You'll find we are committed to saying "no" to palm oil in all its forms.

Tackling these concerns is easy with the right salon-quality products and a creator dedicated to your satisfaction.

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What Makes EverEscents a Cost-Effective Choice for Vegan Hair Care?

Taking advantage of a vegan hair treatment can not only deliver the results you're after but it can also save you from repeated trips to the salon. Damaged hair requires special nurturing care to restore it to its full potential; when you can avoid the most common types of damage caused by other products, you can save time, money, and continue enjoying your style. With EverEscents, it's easy to take advantage of these benefits when you shop our product line. Have questions about what we do, or a particular product? Let us know today.

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