Natural Hair Care Products

How EverEscents Is Leading the Way on Natural Hair Care Products

Are you looking for true natural hair care products? Whether you are shopping for products for home use or for your professional hair salon, you can count on EverEscents to provide what you need. After 10 years of being a key player in the Australian hairdressing industry, we recently committed ourselves to becoming a leader in natural hair styling products. When customers or salons are seeking products that are organic, vegan, ethical, cruelty free, eco-friendly, sustainable, healthy and Australian manufactured, we want them to think of us.

Common Mistakes People Make When Shopping for Natural Hair Products

If you are in the market for natural shampoo and conditioner, make sure you don’t fall victim to any of the common pitfalls that come with trying to find this type of product. Here are a few common errors that you should specifically try to avoid:

  • Not paying attention to Certified Organic designations: A cosmetic company can use ‘organic ingredients’ in their products without being ‘Certified Organic.’ In Australia, to be Certified Organic, a company must use no less than 70 percent certified organic ingredients in its products. At EverEscents, we use between 75 and 90 percent certified organic ingredients in most shampoos and conditioners—more than meeting the standards necessary to be Certified Organic.
  • Not reading ingredients lists: At EverEscents, we strive to provide customers with knowledge and detail on our packages. Our ingredients lists are in-depth and helpful, making it easy to understand why our products meet Certified Organic standards, or helping you find a natural conditioner that is also vegan-friendly.
  • Not learning about harmful ingredients: One of the best things you can do as a proponent of natural cosmetic products is to learn about the products you should be avoiding. It’s not just about knowing which ingredients are healthy and natural, but also about steering clear of the ingredients that are dangerous or harmful. At EverEscents, our website includes a list of the ingredients we won’t use, as well as explanations for each decision.

The Importance of Using Natural Hair Styling Products and Ingredients

Why is it so important to use natural hair products like those we sell at EverEscents? There are many reasons, but here are three of the most common reasons that salons and consumers alike rely on our products:

  • Natural products are more environmentally friendly: So many shampoos, conditioners and other cosmetic/personal care products end up in our rivers, streams, lakes and oceans after going down your drain. Depending on the ingredients in these products, they can wreak havoc on aquatic ecosystems. Natural ingredients are less harmful and much better for the environment.
  • Natural products are better for your: Needless to say, if a product is harmful for wildlife or environmental systems, it probably isn’t great for you, either. Many products are loaded with chemicals and toxins that dry out your hair, irritate your skin and eyes and even cause other health problems. Natural ingredients are healthier and rarely linked with these types of side effects.
  • Natural products deliver superior results: When you wash or condition your hair, your goal is vibrant, healthy hair. Where hair care products loaded with synthetic chemicals will often sap your hair of moisture and colour, natural products will provide superior nourishment and health.

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EverEscents began with the goal of not only ridding the hair care market of potentially dangerous chemical ingredients, but also with the aim of embracing and using the many superior ingredients that were available. To this day, every product we sell stays true to this mission of helping customers pursue safer and more natural hair care. Don’t put up with the nasty side effects of chemical-laden hair products. Instead, contact EverEscents today about our organic, vegan and environmentally friendly alternatives.

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