I have for years been using this wonderful Aussie brand that is Organic, Natural and Ethical. Besides being fussy, I am also sensitive to many products so when I come across something that is great, I stick to it. It’s not until I run out and use something else that I realise why I choose it. It’s a good feeling to know products are safe, at the same time protecting the planet with less chemicals going into it and supporting an Aussie company. Products are suitable for everyone…Happy Hair Days!

Angela, Melbourne, VIC


Hi all, just writing to let you know how perfect your conditioners are for me.  So far I have tried a couple of different blends.  Today I received my Sweet Orange Blossom Remedy Treatment and cant wait to use it! I have an autoimmune disease that affects my hair making it dry, brittle and thinning.  Your conditioner is the only that makes my hair soft, manageable and knot free!!  I have tried so many different kinds of shampoos and conditioners but nothing has worked as well as your product so far.  I also try to use products that are as “natural” as possible.  So it makes me so happy that I can use your conditioners and not have to worry about any nasty chemicals that could potentially affect me. So a big thank you for your gorgeous products. Looking forward to using more of the range.

Janine, Fernmount, NSW


Hello, all my life I’ve been an environmentalist. I’ve made my own soaps, and buy organic food and cleaning products, except my hair – because there was nothing. It’s been doing my head in for years! I’ve been wanting to use organic products in my hair for many many years, but thought there was no such thing as a good, workable organic hairspray or hair goo/putty/stuff, let alone colour! The products I was using made my head itch like I had lice and thinned my hair, but I still used them because I wanted the look. Then, one day I happened across this ‘Organic hair salon’! I thought to myself, let’s go and have a look, but wasn’t expecting much. My goodness what a difference you made in my life already after only one day! No itching at all and the smell is great! I am so amazed and excited about your products! Amazing! I’m telling everyone about you! Not only do they smell amazing, but they WORK!

Katrina, Forestville, NSW


EverEscents is organic, natural, and is a life (and hair) saver! I’m allergic to most salon and supermarket brands, and can’t use any products with SLS, silicones or parabens in them. Without EverEscents, my blonde highlights would be brassy, my scalp would be so itchy, and my curls would be brittle and dry.
I love the whole Berry Blonde range – from the berry blonde shampoo, the conditioner and the blonde treatment – I can’t live without it. Having naturally (type 3) curly hair, my hair is dry and can be unmanageable, and dyeing it blonde (or what I like to call “returning it to my natural colour”) adds a whole new problem with hydrating my hair. I have used EverEscents for about 3 years now, and my hair is bright blonde like I’ve just left the salon, it’s always soft and I experience very few knots. I get so many compliments on my hair, and I tell them about EverEscents!
I also swim weekly for fitness and the Deep Conditioning Treatment really saves my hair from the chlorine. And the smell of the Deep Conditioning Treatment is heavenly. Trust me, you won’t regret trying out this product and it leaves your hair soft, shiny and lightweight while your hair retains its moisture!
The new Eco Lab Firm Hold Hairspray is also curly-hair friendly! I was surprised as most firm hold hairsprays just make my curls stringy and and fluffly. But not this hairspray, it’s lightweight and moves with the curls.
Curly hair (and blonde) girls rejoice – you can’t go wrong with EverEscents and Eco Lab! I highly recommend their products!

Angela, Melbourne, VIC 


I really cannot thank you enough for this wonderful natural product. My sister and I have had many problems with thinning hair since menopause, and were finally diagnosed with hereditary, Androgynous Alopecia.   As Bette Davies once said, – “Old age ain’t no place for cissies” !!
I decided to try organic products and was lucky enough to find Amara Organic Hair in Burleigh, who introduced me to your totally amazing products. I cannot believe the difference in my hair, no more bare scalp patches, no more thin broken wispy ends. My hair is twice as thick, and does not break off any more, – I have actually managed to grow it!! I have had many comments regarding the health and condition of my hair and several converts to your products and the bonus is – the beautiful aroma of the essential oils. (Often I find myself turning quickly just to catch the scent – heavenly) 

Anna, Southport, QLD 


I wanted to provide some extremely positive feedback about the Moisturising shampoo and Remedy treatment.  A few weeks ago my new hairdresser used the organic products on my hair and I was immediately impressed and purchased them.  Fantastic job EverEscents! I have already spread the word.

Cherie-Ann, Moggill, QLD 


Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do!
After a year long battle with heavy, persistent dandruff, I was at my wits’ end! I’d been using a ” high end” salon brand for years, before this happened. After trying their own and other anti-dandruff products, as well as tea-tree & other chemist products, I still had no result. So I searched Organic Hair Care, and found EverEscents. Being Australian was an added bonus, so I thought I’d give it a try. After a few washes, my dandruff started to clear. A few more and it was completely gone! That was over twelve months ago, and I’ve been using your stuff ever since. I love it! Smells great, washes/conditions beautifully, and dries amazing (I find the conditioning detangler perfect for my hair). And even better, my hair stylist always comments on how luscious and beautiful my hair is! I also usually get a handwritten note in my order, thanking me for my continued support.

So I just wanted to say thank you back, because your products have made a huge difference to me and you have a wonderful team behind the scenes looking after your customers. Keep it up!

Sarah, Cootamundra, NSW


“My husband and I are hooked on your new Fresh Mint shampoo/conditioner!!! We have radically different hair types (mine is really long & curly which tends to frizz….his is straight & short) and both of us agree our hair has never looked or felt better since using the mint range.”

“Keep making awesome products…we’ll keep buying them.”

Sheree, Currumbin Valley, QLD


“Once I started on my journey to using natural/organic products I couldn’t find any hair products that cleaned my oily scalp – I always seemed to have clumps of oily hair yet dry ends.  The Bergamot Shampoo and Conditioner works for me – as it says for oily scalp and dry ends it does the job – it provides me with an even clean and manageable hair.”

Michelle, SA


“I just wanted to say thank you for my recent purchase and quick delivery. I received a handwritten note from Bonnie.. it was such a lovely thought. Thank you all so much.it made my day. Julie xxxx”

Julie, Somerville, VIC


“As a long time psoriasis and eczema sufferer I had given up trying new products due to often resulting in terrible reactions and weeks of recovery. THANKS to the person that talked me into EverEscents!! My medical bill is one quarter of what it was; even better my suffering one tenth. I now have the most luxurious, beautifully scented hair care in my bathroom. Thank you EverEscents, with every order I know I am safely trying something new… My hair looks and feels nourished!”

Kristy, Theodore, QLD


“Dear team EverEscents. I am writing to say a very big thank you for creating this wonderful Australian brand of quality organic hair care. I have been using the cinnamon & patchouli shampoo, conditioner & treatment for a few weeks now and it has completely healed and nourished my dry, thick, curly hair! I used to use products that contained so many harmful and toxic chemicals like silicones that really tortured my curly hair. Using EverEscents has made my hair look it’s absolute best, and I no longer need loads of styling products to define my curls. The pink grapefruit & ylang ylang leave-in moisturiser has made my hair healthy and naturally frizz free. Thank you for showing the value of organic and plant based products from our earth”.

Sylvana, Sydney, NSW


“I just thought I’d tell you that I bought the Cinnamon & Patchouli products last month. They’re fantastic! My hair has felt the best it ever has in 3 years.  Thank you!”

Leanne, Caloundra, QLD


“I recently purchased the products from EverEscents in desperation to control my fuzzy curly chemically coloured hair. I had tried everything, with worse results when I tried organic from time to time.
After I used the products, my hair smells amazing, looks amazing, no fuzz. I cannot tell you how beautiful my hair feels. All you people out there who have fuzzy curly hair that feels like wire, try these products, they are amazing! Its not often that people take the time to say how good something is, but very quick to complain when something isn’t so good. I really felt that I needed to let all my fellow fuzzy haired Aussies know about these products. Supporting an Australian business is the icing on the cake. EverEscents, your products deserve to be an Australian household name.”

Josephine, Abbey, WA


“I just wanted to tell you how much I love your product – It was recommended to me when I asked my hairdresser for a shampoo/conditioner that didn’t dry out my hair and scalp. I have finally found a product that won’t leave a residue on my hair after washing and leaves my hair and scalp healthy!! Just wish I could buy it at the supermarket! I just wanted to give you some good feedback -thank you!”

Sarah, Ridgehaven, SA


“Just a quick note to say a thousand huge thank you’s!! I spoke with Luke on the telephone two weeks ago about ordering your products. Firstly, Luke answered the call after hours, secondly he was personable and so easy to talk to and thirdly he gave me life (well…hair) saving advice (which all us girls knows equates to “life saving”!!) which has literally changed my hair and my life for the better! Luke advised that I visit my local salon to try the products before purchasing online. Well, I did just that and the devine Angelica at Esthetica Salon in Richmond NSW provided me and my over processed, stressed, frizzy and weakened blonde hair with the Lavender Shampoo, Cinnamon and Patchouli Deep Treatment and Hairspray. THANK YOU….I cannot get enough of your gorgeous products. They are beautiful, just beautiful. My hair has never felt and looked so good!So too has my smile widened! And I am SO proud of you both! I grew up at Peregian Beach and went to school in Coolum. I am just chuffed that the best hair products in the World are heralding from the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Our best kept secret. But wait there is more….even better that you are running an ethical, soul based business that gives back to the universe and the community. Well done you guys, give yourselves a great big hug and know that you’ve got my business and my word of mouth endorsement. I’ll have all my family and friends (and anyone else within earshot!) using your products soon too, and I’m so excited to tell them all ASAP!”

Terissa, Sydney, NSW


“Hi to the team at EverEscents – I have just came home from a major cut, colour and treatment at a new salon (Salon Green) just opened near my home. A bit apprehensive at first, I have very fine hair, but a lot of it. My hairdresser for the last five years relocated to another state, so it was with trepidation that I visited a new stylist, salon and different products. All I can say is WOW!!!! How long has this been going on???? This wonderful lass explained the philosophy and the dedication behind your brand, and I must say, I have never felt so good when leaving, I purchased from her, the cinnamon & patchouli deep treatment for the gorgeous smell alone. Have booked myself in 5 weeks forward…My husband commented the moment I walked in the door, I have opened my purchase, just to smell it and drink it in !!!!! Just Devine…..Have read reviews and ordered items online for my family to try, (they were on special)! Going into bathrooms now, ridding myself of all the other useless products in there, bin for you! Total convert! Thank you guys, keep up the good work.”

Trish, Cheltenham, VIC


“I really am loving the Rose shampoo and conditioner! My hair is so soft and shiny. I’m also loving the Deep Treatment. These products truly are lovely. I’ve had no irritation to my scalp and they leave my hair looking and feeling exactly how I like it to be. So very happy to have found your products. I’ve tried countless shampoos and conditioners and have never been this satisfied. My hair is also very long, so it really needs moisture and softness to assist in it not becoming brittle and knotty. I think the Leave In Moisture will assist in keeping knots to a minimum.”

Lily, Clayton, VIC


“I’ve used so many different shampoos from Oribe, Kérastase, Vidal Sassoon, Philip B,… and EverEscents has to be some of the finest shampoo I’ve ever tired, particularly with my silver hair. It’s an amazing bonus in knowing that the ingredients are all organic & natural. No longer do I have to worry about yellowing which can happen from other shampoos regardless of the price point. Again, thank you so much for producing your non-chemically produced products which actually WORK! Please keep up the great work at EverEscents. I’d love to see your products hit the U.S. market someday soon. I have no doubt that they would be a huge hit!!”

Scott, Minneapolis, U.S.A


“I just wanted to say thank you for sending out the sample and for helping me with the right choice of shampoo/conditioner. I went and got the blonde shampoo and conditioner from my local hair salon in Annesley and I am loving it! I was expecting my hair to be a bit average for a little while because that is what I had heard when people stop shampoo and conditioner with silicones but my hair is so much better than it ever was on my old shampoo. So thank you so much!”

Caitlin, Bowral, NSW


“Hi, I would just like to contact you and say how impressed I am with your products. I am blonde with a very yellow/gold undertone and hence when I colour my hair yellows very quickly-even after using expensive chemical laden blonde hair care. After using the Berry Blonde range my hair is beautifully soft and the colour stays to ash. A big thankyou for a product that is safe and totally awesome. I will be recommending the products all the time.”

Katrina, Hillman, W.A


“I have tried Yarok, Curelle, Aveda, and plenty of other natural beautiful shampoo & conditioners over the last few months, even years, including your products. I have to tell you that your products are the absolutely BEST hair products I have ever used. I have also got sensitive skin and the EverEscents in no way shape or form irritates it at all. I just want to say thank you. Keep up the amazing work!!!”

Emma via Facebook


“I just want to complement you on your product ‘Organic Lavender shampoo and conditioner’, I have been using it for a long time and it is great. I live in Port Douglas and cannot purchase it here so I wait until I manage to go to Cairns. I just bought a replacement conditioner and the new designed bottles look fantastic much better and classier than the old ones. People are the first to complain if something is not to their liking but rarely give compliments when a product is good. I love that you take into consideration when making your products that you care for animals and do not put in ingredients that hurt people but still manage to produce a great product Australian made and owned even the bottles and labels. I will be promoting your product where I can as I have many friends and colleagues who only wish to use products like yours. Keep up the good work and thank you.”

Pauline, Port Douglas, QLD


“I just wanted to let you know I’ve been using your products for 2 weeks now & the improvement in my hair is amazing. My frizz is tamed & I’m no longer needing to use heat stylersat all. I just wash, condition, throw in some leave-in-treament & let my hair dry naturally. It’s softer, silkier & hanging perfectly! I’d previously been using an “organic” range of hair care products but after reading the information on your website about all the hidden silicones & chemicals etc in many brands, I decided to check all the labels of the products I owned. There were a few hidden nasties on the labels, so I threw them all out, ordered from your website & am thrilled with the results. Thank you so much for healing my hair!!!! & not harming our sacred environment in the process. I am telling everyone I know to buy yourproducts – it feels great to support a local Australian company. THANKS AGAIN.”

Sheree, Tallebudgera Valley, QLD


“I am a psoriasis and eczema sufferer and mother of three, of whom two suffer from eczema.  I have recently become aware of your product/s and have tried them with great success in the form of relief from my skin disorders.  I am pleased to say that the products have made a significant improvement to my psoriasis over the past week, through my daily use of the products. My thick scale and itch have almost completely gone. Thank you once again.”

Kylie, Deception Bay, QLD


“As a long time customer I was so excited to just try your latest products; the Cinnamon & Patchouli Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. Over the years I have tried all your products and my absolute favorite would have to be your Cinnamon and Patchouli Deep Treatment! I have often wished there was a matching shampoo and conditioner in the same amazing smell and texture.  I have just stepped out of the shower and used them and they were just lovely. My husband likes it too, he says I smell good enough to eat! I’m really impressed with the new look bottles and flip top lids also, now I don’t have to worry about mess, spillage or waste. It’s nice to be able to support an Australian made and owned company – Keep up the good work and thank you!”

Shelley, Coolum Beach, QLD


“I am using the Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner and the Leave-in Treatment and also have the Serum and LOVE them all!!! They are such beautiful products that leave my hair soft and shiny and smell so fresh too! They are definitely superior products to any other organic brand I’ve tried. I will be purchasing the Sculpting Lotion too just to give my curls a little more definition. I have recommended your products to many people and will be taking them to my hairdresser next visit for show and tell.”

Marion, Sippy Downs, QLD


“This is just a message to say a big Thank You for your wonderful berry blonde shampoo!  I had a few highlighting foils put in my hair six weeks ago, came home armed with the blonde shampoo and conditioner recommended to my by my hairdresser – which were supposedly natural products – and proceeded to have the most horrific allergic reaction to them.  After extensive research into the ingredients I realised that outside of a few essential oils, they were packed full of nasty chemicals. After I recovered from the allergic reaction I tried a different product and had yet another allergic reaction, this time worse than before. For the next two and a half weeks I watched my hair turn brassier as I desperately searched for a truly natural product, and then at the end of last week I happened upon your website.  Which is a good thing for my health, as I had seriously considered using the chemical laden purple shampoo and suffering with an allergic reaction, anything to get rid of my awful yellow hair. I used the berry blonde shampoo this morning and was SO nervous that I only left it on for a minute or two, not wanting to tempt fate. As I blow dried my hair I desperately tried to remember what it looked like when I first came home from the hairdresser, and I could tell straight away that it was beautiful and blonde again. No more yellow mop on my head. And no allergic reaction! I’m going to leave the shampoo in for longer tomorrow now that I know it is safe, and I’m heading off to buy the berry blonde conditioner tomorrow and deep conditioning treatment as well. Your product has saved not only my hair but also my health, and I am extremely grateful. I will be telling all my friends / Facebook contacts about your products and have already told my husband that he will be using your organic matt clay from now on!!”

Megan, Richmond, VIC


“I love your Lavender shampoo and conditioner. I have had horrible psoriasis for years. It disappeared when I used your lavender shampoo – I thought I would use up the other shampoo I still had before I bought more of yours and the psoriasis has returned…. I will definately be staying with your wonderful products. Thanks”

Brenda, Coolum Beach, QLD


“Hi there – I tried out the EverEscents products yesterday. It means alot to me to finally find a natural product to use on my hair which actually cleans it. I’m in love with your product and will definitely be ordering again! Thank you so much and have a fab day!”

Abigail, Carramar, WA


“I’ve been using EverEscents for my childrens hair for roughly 6 years. We have 4 children and have can proudly say that we have never had a case of head lice. My oldest daughter even shared a bed with a child that we discovered had head lice. From this point alone, the product is wonderful – well done.”

Lynne, Whitfield, VIC


“I have been looking for an Australian Made & Owned hair care company who doesn’t test on animals for a long time and I have finally found the perfect company that ticks all the boxes and creates amazing Hair Care products! My hairdresser just started stocking EverEscents products and I bought 3 products on Saturday. After just one wash not only are my curls more defined but my hair is shiny, less frizzy and feels amazing. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing products and I have realised that my hair can look great at home! I look forward to picking up more EverEscents products when I next visit the salon. Thank you very much.”

Taralee, Dingley Village, VIC


“I have just tried the EverEscents Grapefruit & Lemongrass Hairspray and I was so pleasantly surprised by the fragrance and incredibly, it does hold my hair in place – another fabulous product by EverEscents!! I’ll certainly be recommending the products to my friends and family.”

Liz, Coffs Harbour, NSW


“The EverEscents products are awesome!!!! My sister and I are both using the shampoo and conditioner and just loving how gorgeous our hair has been looking and feeling.  I’m so impressed with the shampoo and conditioner – I feel like I’ve just stepped out of the hairdressers every time I wash my hair now – YAY!”

Melinda, Melbourne, VIC


“Dear EverEscents, this is just a quick note to let you know how exciting the new Berry Blonde is. I tried it myself yesterday when it arrived and I love the smell…. The shampoo foamed up well and the conditioner is unique and I did have to use quite a bit as my hair just sucked up the conditioner but the end result is amazing as I have fine hair and it made it feel thicker and more textured…”

Loretta, Townsville, QLD


“Dear EverEscents, I am loving the new Organic Moroccan Argan Oil.  I am pretty active with the GHD straightener and the oil definitely gives a nicer finish – I’m sold!!  The Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner is giving great results too, I’m definitely a fan!”

Kellyanne, Sippy Downs, QLD


“EverEscents has improved the condition of my skin AND hair! For years I have been using scalp sensitive shampoos that often left my hair dry and dull. I have found since using EverEscents products that my skin is much healthier, and the symptoms I have suffered for years are gone. My hair is soft and healthy and my hairdresser is amazed at the improvement in its condition. EverEscents is fantastic, the organic ingredients are the key to relieving sensitive skin and I love my new hair condition!”

Claire, Noosa, QLD


“Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, You are “FAN bloody TASTIC”, what a ripper!!  It was so worth the wait it looks AWESOME!! Well done team EverEscents…I think this will go off, all the packaging imaging & marketing is superb!”

Chris, Adelaide


“I absolutely love the EverEscents Organic Deep Treatment – it’s actually my favourite hair product ever!”

Cass, Perth


“I just wanted to let you know that I love your products, in particular, the Bergamot Shampoo and Conditioner. I was referred to it by my hairdresser and just love it…I have finally found a product that makes my hair feel soft and silky and makes my scalp feel clean and fresh and it doesn’t irritate my scalp and face after washing (unlike other products I’ve used that leave your scalp dry and itchy!!). I was so impressed that I was compelled to tell you…keep up the good work.”

Belinda, New South Wales


“After trying numerous SLS and paraben free products I am so pleased with the EverEscents Rose shampoo and conditioner. EverEscents products do not leave my hair feeling limp or greasy, and I was able to let my hair dry naturally without being overwhelmed with frizzy ends despite not using any leave-in products. I would highly recommend these products to anyone looking for an effective hair product that is kind to your skin and to the environment. Congratulations on creating such a quality product.”

Amanda, South Australia


“I use your Organic Cinnamon & Patchouli Deep Treatment and absolutely love it! My hair feels and smells amazing!! Thank you EverEscents :)”

Megan, Sunshine Coast, QLD


“I got a big blunt fringe cut recently and have been using the Organic Hairspray on it to keep it in place and its great. Also, I have been away on a couple of little trips so the 125ml travel shampoos and conditioners have been great because they are the perfect travel size. I have tried a couple of other organic shampoo and conditioners (like Sukin etc) but have not been impressed with the scent so yours are a breath of fresh air. The treatment is also great. Thanks so much once again.”

Lara, Sunshine Coast, QLD


“I have been using your products for some time now after discovering it at my hairdresser in Kincumber.  I am a huge fan as I have a very sensitive scalp and also hands.  Thanks for such great products, I love the shampoo, conditioner and Leave In Moisture especially!”

Linda, Kincumber, NSW


“I love the EverEscents Organic Shampoo & Conditioner!  It’s such a lovely product and it is fantastic on my skin.  I suffer from eczema and dermatitis and using soap products on my skin dries it out sooo much.  When I shampoo with regular products my hands will sting as soon as I start washing, but no stings with EverEsents!  My hands still get dry but not as much, the most obvious reaction was the no stinging, I can’t thank you enough!”

Kate, Newcastle, NSW


“I recently purchased the Bergamot Shampoo and Conditioner as I have been searching for 18 months trying various natural shampoos and haven’t been happy until finding EverEscents range. The testimonials on the website helped with my decision to give them a try. I have now found for myself that I absolutely love them! It’s a bonus knowing they are much better on many levels than using other shampoos with all those harmful chemicals. The morning I walked into work after washing my hair for the first time our receptionist said “Your hair is looking thicker today” The second time I walked into work “gee you are having a good hair day today”. I said it must be my new shampoo and conditioner. My hair has never felt better!”

Hayley, Ashburton, VIC


“Thank you for your excellent customer service.  I would definitely commend you for your professionalism, enthusiasm and attitude towards your product and I look forward to future dealings.”

Casey, Salon Owner, Casino, NSW


“I don’t usually try different shampoos & conditioners because my hair is a bit ‘curly wild’ so I stick with what I know.  When I was told to try EverEscents I was really impressed, it tamed my hair!!  I love EverEscents because it’s Organic which stops me having so many chemicals put on my skin and it smells great!  I’ll keep using it.”

Jacqueline, Woombye, QLD


“For many years I have suffered from a dry itchy scalp.  I tried most of the popular brands but none helped, even supposed “natural” products. So I scoured the internet and read about the drying effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.  Eventually I found your website and was very impressed with your list of ingredients, both used and not used.  I bought a 125ml bottle of Lavender Shampoo & Conditioner to give them a try.  After one wash my itchy scalp disappeared and my hair is soft and shiny.  Without a doubt this is the best hair care product that I have ever used.  Go EverEscents!!!”

Rodger,Fairlight, NSW


“I have just used the Organic Aqua Styling Serum and am very satisfied!  What a pleausre to find a product that is natural and non-toxic and effective to boot!  I shall certainly pass on rave reviews!”

Lisa, Rose Bay, NSW


“I have just used the Bergamot variety shampoo & condiioner and all I can say is fantastic!  I just can’t believe that one wash can make such a difference.  It is soft, shiny and feels healthy.  I can’t tell you how happy I am.”

Nicole, Leopold, VIC


“I have been using EverEscents now for about 6 weeks and I absolutely love it.  My hair seems to have regained some health and shine back.  I will definitely keep using them!”

Angela F, West Brunswick, VIC


“Comments about how shiny and healthy my hair looks just keep on coming – thank you!”

Belinda C, Forest Lake, QLD


“Absolutely fantastic product.  Perhaps the best product I have ever used!  Well Done!”

Melinda Shelton, Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce, Maroochydore,  QLD


“Your product range is fantastic.  I have extentions in my hair and the EverEscents Organic Hair Care range are by far the best products I have used on my hair – I have even had comments from the professionals where I get my extentions maintained on what great condition my extentions are in which is all thanks to your product!”

Naomi, Melbourne, VIC


“After trying so many different brands of natural hair care on my thick, curly, long hair I was relieved to finally find the EverEscents products.  I was truly amazed at the results.  The way it conditions and adds shine to my hair whilst being gentle on my ultra sensistive skin.  I run an organic beauty and lifestyle business and now stock EverEscents and constantly receive feedback on how good they are.  These products really are a cut above the rest with their performance and ingredients and they smell delicious!”

Anna Burden, The Lavender Room, Semaphore, SA


“You have such a wonderful product; I highly recommend EverEscents Organic Hair Care. Why? Well I have been a hairdresser and in the hair and beauty trade for yes dare I say it, over 25 years now. I have been given thousands of products to try over this period of time, and can honestly say that I have never felt such a noticeable result and pure cleansing benefit before like the EverEscents product offers. I have watched the result on not only my own extremely damage hair to virgin hair and the shine and cleansing effect the product provides is truly amazing. It is a pleasure to support and recommend a product with such a high standards and success rate, thank you for the introduction of the EverEscents range.”

Nina Brewer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Hair Biz Magazine, Brisbane, QLD


“I have just recently tried your Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner (after trailing an obscene number of other natural hair care products on the market) and I am completely stoked!! To have finally found a natural product that provides such brilliant ‘salon quality’ results is amazing. Thank you so much for putting your heart and time into developing this product in what seems to be a desperately neglected niche! I was starting to think that maybe those who produced natural hair care thought that their target market was people who enjoy fuzz afros or a matted mess of an enormous dreadlock or simply have no desire to battle a brush through their hair!!! So thank you thank you – I couldn’t be more impressed!!!”

Suzie L, Bunbury, WA


“My husband has had dry flaky and irritated scalp issues for a long time, and we have tried many specialised salon scalp treatments to clear up the problem – to no avail. Since switching over to Everescents Lavender shampoo and conditioner he no longer has those scalp problems! He absolutely loves these products, and wont use anything else! My children (2 1/2 + 10 months old) have slight eczema, very sensitive skin, and the tendency to get cradle cap on their scalp. Everescents Rose shampoo and conditioner clears up their scalp conditions, and is very gentle on their skin. They dont react to this product at all, it is so gentle… and smells great!”

Rebecca Skehan, Salon owner, Gaia Hair, Sherwood, QLD


“I absolutely love your product. It leaves my hair so soft and shiny. My hair is waist length and very thick so I shampoo once or twice a week and it stays super soft and shiny until the next time. Again, thank you for a wonderful product and I will be a lifetime user.”

Barbara F, Washington, USA


“I was in at my hairdresser on Friday & was telling her yours is the best shampoo / conditioner l have ever used! My hair hasn’t ever been this soft or shiny. So l am very happy & am also telling all my friends, thanks.”

Rochelle G, Melbourne, VIC


“I got the product for normal hair and used it last night and l’m really impressed with the result. I’d always used Loreal or whatever the hairdresser recommended and your product does just as good a job if not better. I’m planning on buying some more for my mum and girlfriends for Christmas.”

Erin K, Email, VIC


“I met Leone at the Sydney Hair Expo and bought the range of shampoo and conditioners. I’m a hairdresser and suffer from contact dermatitis and was willing to give organic products a try. It has been very helpful and although l know my dermatitis will never completely go away it has helped a great deal and l would love to continue using this product.”

Danielle S, Hairdresser, Menai, NSW


“My mum and l just wanted to let you know how fantastic your products are. I have very naturally curly hair and have tried other natural products that dried it out and caused frizz. With the lavender conditioner my hair is the best l’ve ever seen it, and no frizz. We love it and are spreading the word.”

Kristy B, Boyne Island, QLD


“EverEscents smells fantastic and made my hair soft and beautiful. I colour my hair every 4 weeks too, so it is great to use a product that doesn’t strip all of the colour from my locks and that actually improves the condition of my hair.”

Kiesten McCauley, Creative Coordinator Nexus Revolution and Salon Scout Copywriter


“Your Organic Hair Care is the best. It leaves my hair soft, silky and shiny and it smells so heavenly. Never have l before used a Natural Shampoo and Conditioner that made my hair feel so good. Leone is also the nicest person ever to deal with and her products are packaged so beautifully. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!”

Christie R, Tieri, QLD


“A lot of the other natural hair products leave your hair feeling stringy and frizzy after a wash, but yours are great – silky hair and great shine!”

Olivia Richardson, Editor of Australian Natural Health magazine


“I have never responded to a product before, but l just had to tell you your product is what l have been looking for, for a very long time…I can tell you your Bergamot is the best conditioner l have ever used…thankyou for saving my hair!”

Liza L, Kawana, QLD


“The understated elegance of your stylish presentation perfectly reflects the quality within.”

Erin M, Salon Owner / Hairdresser, Melbourne, VIC


“Finally…a natural Organic product (that really works) at an affordable price, thankyou EverEscents, we love it.”

Amanda G, Mother, Mt Evelyn,VIC


“I have had psoriasis for years, and after using your hair products it has vanished, l will be forever thankful l found you.”

Tim M, Melbourne, VIC


“After working in the industry for years, it is refreshing to see a ‘real’ natural product…my hair feels more alive than ever before, so soft and l use so little… my clients keep coming back for more.”

Brooke B, Natural Therapist, Buderim, QLD


“Keep up the good work – your products are fantastic.”

Michael A, email


“Finally, a product which l can use all the time without my hair getting tired and limp and needing a change. I love the fact that l know without a doubt that this product is safe for my children and we all love the smells. I keep telling everyone – even my mother gets me to post it to her!”

Wendy M, Escape4Girls, QLD


“I love using the EverEscents Shampoo & Conditioner – the smell is just delicious, and l love the way you have let me know every single ingredient, and just what it there fore. It is wonderful to have such good quality while having peace of mind at the same time.”

Rochelle D, Leaps ‘n’ Bounds Coaching, QLD


“I used the shampoo and conditioner this morning. I have for a few years been using a variety of natural shampoo and conditioners and yours is without a doubt the best l have ever used!!!!”

Celena Ross, QLD, email

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